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Inspired by family values ​​and warm memories, Natasha and her team brought SamiDa Cake Craft to life in hospitable Tbilisi. Here, where every recipe echoes the past, we create not just cakes, but creations that merge amazing taste, tradition and modern confectionery skills.

“Three sisters” - this is how SamiDa is translated from Georgian, emphasizing the deep attachment to family values ​​​​and care for others, which are the basis of our philosophy. Our “Kiev cake” at SamiDa is not just a dessert, but a symbol of Ukrainian culinary art. It's a fusion of fluffy meringue, toasted hazelnuts and Charlotte chocolate cream to create a legendary flavor. Every cake we create is a journey into the world of Ukrainian culinary traditions, where every piece carries history, craftsmanship and unique taste.

At SamiDa we combine time-tested traditions with the latest trends in confectionery art. Every bite you take is not just sweet, but unforgettable, leaving vivid memories and making ordinary moments special.

Enjoy every bite. Cherish every moment. Live now with SamiDa Cake Craft.